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I haven’t been painting for weeks now and I realised that whenever I paint, it keeps my creativity flowing. So yeah, since I haven’t done it for quite some time, I’m experiencing a minor creative block. I’m supposed to submit a logo design yet I cannot come up with anything.

Last night, I pushed myself to paint something. Kept in mind, it doesn’t have to make sense or follow the basics of painting. Just feeling the flow of the watercolour and the brush together with my hand. So, I was just playing with shapes and mixing the normal watercolour with the metallic ones.

Then this morning, I added some pens onto the painting. I used micron for the black ink and uniball for white.

I was kind of pleased with what I did. As I was doing this, I thought it would be nice to have your drawing or painting as a pattern for fashion instead on just paper. I am never good with fashion, but I would want to see my painting on a wearable item. So, I researched and saw these clothes.

If not dresses, it would be nice as well to see on the right bag to accessorise your outfit, right? So many ways to show your art through fashion.

Anyway, maybe someday… I’ll collab with a fashion designer. That would be very nice. In the meantime, I’ll just keep on painting so I can hone my skills and of course, I need to come up with something for the logo I’m making.

It’s raining almost everyday here, totally means summer is almost over yet I haven’t been to the beach {booo!} Well, I hope you’ll have a happy weekend.


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