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Have I mentioned that I turned my studio into a shop now? Perhaps I did and I’m being forgetful again. I searched my own blog, found a post I mentioned my studio, back when I focused more on printing custom design. Other than that, I was referring online and the stationery products. My About Page was more of the invitations and not the new display.

Anyway, it’s been 2 years now that I concentrated more with retail items. The place is pretty much the same as before. I was planning to renovate soon, however, I don’t have a budget yet. I’m hoping that will push this year. There are some areas that really need some renovating. In the meantime, I’ll just have to make use of my small space.

This is my store front. It used to be our garage. On the right side, is where Yellow Hauz is.

As you enter, this is what you’ll see. The shelf on the left has handmade jewelry and different pens. The middle one has paper flowers, scrapbooking materials like papers, embellishments and scissors. The right revolving shelf has my own brand of stationery. It has planners, gift tags, birthday calendar and postcards.

Just on the right side of the door, a gift wrapping supply is what you’ll see. It has washi tapes, twines and my very own gift wrapping kit.

When you turn right from the door, you’ll see one big shelf. It has punchers, instax, notebooks, stationery, rubber stamps and materials for calligraphy and watercolour. You’ll also see tote bags hanging and craft books and gift wrapping books.

Most of my items were bought from my travels. So you’ll find few pieces per design since I can only carry few. And some of the items were just bought from Manila.

Even we’re already closed after 6pm, we normally leave our lights on since Yellow Hauz is still open. So people can see there’s a shop beside the coffee shop. Sometimes, if I’m still working in the shop, I still welcome customers.

Online shop is temporary closed since I cannot keep updating it. If you’re far from here, you can just email me at [email protected] if you find something interesting. But if you happen to be in Davao or will be visiting our city soon, I hope you’ll drop by.

We’re open from Monday to Saturday from 9am-5pm.

You can follow me or the shop on Instagram: @iam_artisan; @artisanpaperie for updates on workshops, new items or simply if you want to be inspired.


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