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It’s been 3weeks now since I lost my phone. I still can’t upload photos through instagram because I’m using my old 3Gs with a lower version of OS. What a bummer right? I’m itching to get a new phone but I already weighed my options and will just get my friend’s 4s.

In the meantime, I’m dreaming of few things like new phone and camera. Another thing I’m dreaming about is I’d finally finish this planner design I’m making for my own paper line, Artisan Paperie.

It’s been weeks and I can’t seem to finish it. So I pushed myself today, on a Sunday, stayed in my studio the whole afternoon until evening so I can print a sample one.

After 8 mosquito bites, 2 bottles of water, 5 attempts to fix the printer, there were still some minor revisions before the assembling of the whole planner. But I’m almost close, and hopefully, we can start on the production this week before I leave for a trip. It bothers me that I’m still confuse about the printing alignment where in fact, I’ve done this for the past 3years already.

Anyway, once I’m done with the whole thing, I will then finalize about collaborating with local artists. Oh goodness, I hope I can do this before the bazaar I’m suppose to attend this November. Crossing my fingers, even my toes now… haha. Happy Sunday everyone.


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