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I had a little taste of what it’s like to be in a photo shoot. Well, I tried it before but I was one of the people behind the production. This time, I was the subject, and boy, I don’t know how I felt. First of all, I don’t know how to pose, secondly, I’m a camera shy, thirdly, I never considered myself to be fashionable, haha.

Thank you so much Ian Garcia for this feature. M Magazine, is a lifestyle magazine where they showcase what Mindanao has to offer. And I’m truly honoured to be part of their new issue with Anne Feo as the cover.

You’ll see me in the In Style section together with the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Davao. Seriously, it’s a one whole-page!!! I never really imagined to see myself in that whole page.

I’m with these beautiful ladies, of course my very good friend, Chiche. And one of the well-known photographers here in Davao, Ayie Hernandez.

Here’s what happened behind the scene… my ever supportive sister became my make-up artist. Otoi Mercado was the art director.

And you’ll see how I was having a hard time crossing my legs, haha. My short legs couldn’t reached the floor, haha.

Our friends came to support us. Left to right: Chiche-Me-Otoi-Florence-Apple.

The shoot was done in Seda Hotel, so afterwards I had brunch at the lobby with my ladies.

It was indeed fun. I hope you’ll get a copy of it, you can buy it at any magazine stores or Bo’s coffee shop in Torres.


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