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Writing with your own penmanship never gets old. Regardless how technology change and make things easy for us nowadays, nothing beats the old style of writing your thoughts with pen and stationery.

The stationery you use such as notecard is not just about a piece of paper but rather it makes a statement. It gives an impression that reflects your personality and the kind of feeling you want to send out.

There are some few things to consider if you’re thinking of having a custom notecard. You have to choose the kind of paper, the right size that fits your needs, printing style, orientation of the card, and the design and color that best describes you. You have to consider that stationery can be an extension of your personality and you’re making a statement every time you send it out.

To make things less complicated, let’s just focus with the size and kind of paper for your notecards. If you want to use it as cards for gifts, then 2.5×3.5 inch will suit you. It’s bigger than calling card, it’s just enough to write small notes or greetings like Happy Birthday or Thank You. This one is a flat print on a #240gsm matte paper.

If you need a bigger space to write on there’s another size which is around 4×6 inch. You can use this if you want to express more thoughts or reminders, it’s like writing a letter but in a shorter version. This one is a flat print on a #240gsm textured paper.

• SIZE – will vary depending on your need. The small size can be used as gift cards. While the big one is for longer messages.

PAPERMatte Paper: gives the impression of being casual; While Textured Paperis formal and classic.

Yes like I said, it’s not just a piece of paper. It reflects your personality. So, consider these few things that best describes you.

If you have more questions about custom notecards, you can email me at [email protected] or you can check some of our designs here.


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