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There’s something about reading books or magazines that spurs up your imagination and creativity, don’t you agree? Especially nowadays you can simply download everything. And right now I’m currently reading these two e-magazines that’s full of inspirations and it helps me prepare for the holiday season.

One e-magazine is from fellow crafters based in Manila. They called it Katha. Created by Geli, Aya, Andrea, Allie and Cachi. This is their 2nd Issue and you can still read their 1st Issue. I don’t know how these ladies find time to make such lovely publication but I totally salute them for spending so much time and effort to give us a great inspiration to read at.

And oh, check out the scrapbook mavens, Airee’s, she’s my sister from another mother, hehe. And also from Jeanie. You can see Reg’s cute workspace too. Apart from all these, you can read about other inspiring things and you’ll get to know more crafters behind their work.

Now that you’re inspired with all those lovely ideas from Katha. I’m sure your mind is everywhere. Now this is why I’m so glad I found another e-magazine that can help me sort those ideas.

Get Your Online Shop Ready For Christmas is by Handmade Horizons. If you’re a crafter and you’re planning to sell this holiday season then this will totally help you prioritised those things you need to prepare before everything gets so messy.

Do you know any other e-magazines? Would love to know what you’re currently reading to fuel up your creativity…


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