Instagram Sunday #42

Instagram Sunday

I have totally neglected my blog again… it’s been crazy in the studio. Papers everywhere, meeting with clients, deadlines that never ends and finalizing the prints. I think I smelled like toner already. On top of this, I have 3 upcoming events next month that need to be prepared. My mind is so cluttered and disorganized. But I’m not complaining, I just need some rest and I’m back in the game.

{1} My usual partners in crime, Sandy and Chiche baked some cupcakes to raised funds for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Will give the details later.

{2} I added another product in my paper line, Artisan Paperie. Gift wrapping kit is almost ready and will post them in the shop this week.

{3} Bookshelf is a must for me. Whether it’s in my room or in my studio. And those are part of it. My collection of Kombi; A jar with dried flowers, and some notebooks.

{4} Took some product shots for my planners so I can finally post them.

How was your week? I’m really crossing my fingers this week will be productive for me. And those deadlines will be over soon, haha. Yes, wishful thinking. Have a great week ahead.


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