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Everybody heard about how hard the typhoon Yolanda {Haiyan} hit Tacloban City. Upon hearing all the news and the stories of friends who were affected by it, we were really moved and extremely sadden of what happened. Then I thought of the victims, a lot of people died and lost everything they had.

So, my usual partners in crime, Sandy and Chiche, thought of something how to help our fellow filipinos regain their losses. Sandy, thought of selling cupcakes so we can raised more funds aside from the donations we’ll give.

Once or twice a week, the three of us gathered to baked. Honestly, I do not have patience for baking, but this time, I didn’t know what happened but I enjoyed it. Maybe because I know that these will help the survivors of the typhoon.

We were so happy that we were able to raised around Php30,000. We divided it to different organizations like Sagip Kapamilya and Red Cross. Then we also gave some to the direct victims through friends.

We still accept orders, since donations to the survivors are still in need. So if you’re craving for something sweet, this is one reason to eat that cupcake without feeling guilty, right? hahaha.


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