Instagram Sunday #41

Instagram Sunday

Yay! As in super yay! If you’ve been reading lately, I was quiet in the IG world because I lost my phone. Then I realized how iPhone had become part of my system {please don’t judge, if I’ve become depended with my iPhone, hehe} anyway, I couldn’t wait any longer for my friend’s phone so I got a new one instead. I’m doing the happy dance because I’m super back. And I’m so glad to be back, hahaha.

I know this should be posted yesterday as my title suggests. But it’s still Sunday in the other part of the world, hehe. I know it’s just an excuse, but I’m still posting it anyway.

{1} I love vintage contrivance. I have few pieces of kombi and now I have a new toy added to my collection. It’s a Vespa given by my boyfriend.

{2} Okay, so after I bought my new iPhone, which I named Constantine. I got a little cheesy and posted some of our photos. Thats us! Meet Miguel…. that’s our very first photo few months ago. Yihee!

{3} I changed my hair-do last month and did a permanent perm. It’s a bit high maintenance that I have to look for a dry shampoo and luckily, I found out about Etude. So far, it’s quite helpful and it smells good.

{4} Updated my online shop recently. I have rubber stamps and vintage notepads from my own brand, Artisan Paperie. Hope you can check them out.

There you go. My first instagram sunday after a month without it. So sorry for I have very simple joys in life, hehe. If you like DIY, vintage, crafts, coffee and anything pretty, let’s meet in a place where I always find great inspiration, instagram@iam_artisan.


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