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The last time I wrote about this was few years ago. We turned 3 and 4 then. Now, it’s Artisan Paperie‘s 8th Anniversary.

8 years! I’ve been in the creative business, officially. When I had the courage in opening a design studio and craft shop 8 years ago. Wow! Can you believe that? I’m still having a hard time believing it. Every year, I get emotional about this. And every year, I panic how to celebrate and I end up having less than a week to prepare everything. Some things never changed, huh?

Anyway, I normally celebrate with just a giveaway. But this time. I’m celebrating it with more than that. It’s 8 years after all.

If you’re in Davao, may I invite to celebrate with us on July 8, 2017. It’s just a small celebration but it will be fun. Let me share what’s gonna happen.

• We’re having 10% discount on all items. Upto 15% OFF if you like and follow us on Facebook: Artisan Paperie and Instagram: ArtisanPaperie.

• For every purchase, we have extra freebies for you. And my ever supportive Instax family, will give a free instax print for the first 20 customers.

• I’ll also do a custom brush lettering artwork of your name for the first 20 customers. Regardless you purchase anything or not, just come and drop by.

• And of course, a little pastry and drinks on the side from Yellow Hauz.

• That’s not all… I’m still gathering few more items, but we will have a giveaway as well. So watch out for this. I’ll post this very soon.

Now, Artisan Paperie started because I wanted to promote creativity. The shop is for you to find the materials you’ll need for every DIY or craft projects you have in mind. It is a design studio as I do custom design (branding and stationery). On top of this,  I hold workshops and craft parties to teach you how to learn new skills. For 8 years now, I was able to share my creative side but the best of all, I’ve met so many friends because of my creative endeavour. Friends who helped me grow.

And to spread more love… an anniversary of a craft shop wouldn’t be complete without a craft party, right?

So here’s my way of saying thank you for supporting my dainty local handmade store for 8 years now. I’ve been meaning to do the this last time I celebrated my birthday, but it was post-poned. So here’s another chance to do it.

• I’m giving away 8 slots to a mini craft party on July 8, 2017 (Sat). From 9am-11am.

Get your ticket here

It’s just a small and short craft party and I’ll teach how to make handmade stationery. I’ll lend me my tools. From stamps, punchers and everything else you’ll need to make a stationery. We will also be using my favourite Le Plume brush pens from Marvy Uchida. All you got to do is get the free ticket. So go get it now before it will be sold out.

I hope to see you on this day. If you need help with crafting materials, I’ll be in the shop all day and I’d be happy to help you.

Here are few of the photos of the studio/shop few years ago, in case you want to see a little throwback.

P.S. We’re also having a De+stash Pop-up at Yellow Hauz. This will also be a good time to get your craft fix at a very cheap price.

See you this Saturday…


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