Rubber Stamp Carving Workshop {June 2017}

Crafting + Workshop

This is me trying my very best to document anything related to my creative process or activities through this blog. So, for me to do this, I figure out I’d work from 10 to 1 instead of the other way around. It seemed to work for me as it is easier to remember and talk about recent projects than the ones from previous months. Then little by little I’ll insert few from the past. My gauge is the photos in my phone. I can only delete them once I’ve blogged about it already and I need to blog faster.

As for the recent activities. I just had a Rubber Stamp Carving workshop last month. This one was hosted by my friend Lyn and her friend Lynn.

It was a whole day workshop with different activities. In the morning, they had a Wire Lettering by Sunshine Espiritu then my turn in the afternoon.

It was somewhat an intimate workshop with the Fernandez family. I’ve been friends with this family and had few mini workshops with their girls and this time their mommies joined the workshop as well.

That’s Lyn, one of the organisers of this workshop. Concentrating on her rubber block…

While everyone was so busy carving, this little cute boy, Zach (Lyn’s son) was keeping me company with doughnuts.

We made 3 projects applied on stationery such as gift tags, postcards and notecards. These were some of their works.

These were few of the samples I showed them.

I’ll have another rubber stamp carving workshop and basic calligraphy but no specific dates yet. If you want to join, you can email me at [email protected] or you can follow me on Facebook Page: Artisan Paperie and Instagram: iam_artisan and artisapaperie where I post the updates.


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