De+stash Pop-up at Coffee at Yellow Hauz

Bazaar + Exhibit

Few months ago, I watched Minimalism on Netflix. Have you seen this too? High five if you had and if you opened your mind to it and somewhat practising it. I’ve been hearing about minimalism for quite some time now. I think, I first heard it from my cousin, Karen, when she was reading articles about it.

The general idea is, stop hoarding and just buy what you really need as of the moment. In effect, you save a lot of money, more space to your place and clearer mind (there’s more to this if you want to read or watch Minimalism). Anyway, I am as guilty as a cold-blooded criminal when it comes to hoarding. My mindset was always “I’m gonna need this eventually.” Artists, crafters, hobbyist I’m sure you have the same sentiment, right?

Now, I realised, “eventually” never really came. Although some of the things I bought, came in handy. But truth be told, probably just 10% of everything was handy. The rest was just piled up with dust. I cannot even move things because they already occupied most of the space.

Recently though, I was able to really control myself when it comes to buying especially art and craft materials. This is truly a proud moment for me. And another proud moment is, I’m letting go some or probably most of my stuff.

So, I invited Paolo and Ralph (same guys I painted with the heART) to help and join me. Thus, we thought of de+stash pop-up. 

I know, you probably wonder, why did I talk about minimalism when I want you to come and buy or hoard my stuff?

Well, I was just hoping my super well taken-cared of materials, books and tools would have a new home that they will be actually use rather than being kept in a box. And who knows, maybe you are looking for these stuff for your artsy fartsy project and you just save yourself some money.

I would like to give you sneak peek of what I’m de-stashing. As of now, everything is just so cluttered but you can go to my instagram story to see some of it. But let me tell you, the main reason why I hoard before was because I cannot find some of these things here. So, majority of them were from my trips abroad.

So, if you’re looking for punchers, tools, books, papers, art stuff and more. Then come see us on July 15 and 16 from 10am-6pm at Coffee at Yellow Hauz.

Also, we are occupying the entire room of Yellow Hauz, so we are looking for other crafters, hobbyist, artists, collectors and the likes who would like to join us de+stash their pre-loved art and craft materials. If you’re interested, kindly email me at [email protected] so I can send you the guidelines.

If you’re know someone who’s into this, would really appreciate it if you share this with them. Hope to see you two weeks from now.


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