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This week is all about painting, lettering and crafting…

Here’s what’s keeping me busy this week… aside from the upcoming Artisan Paperie 8th AnniversaryDe+stash Pop-up and Watercolor Society’s 4th Annual Exhibition which will all happen this month… I’ll be doing a brush calligraphy for Plains and Prints x Vania Romoff Preview at Chimes.

If you’ve been following me on, Instagram @iam_artisanwhere I normally share my creative process. I posted about how I designed a stationery – an artwork for Plains and Prints x Vania Romoff Preview.

Let me share my creative process in detail…

{1} Pencil and eraser are your best friends when it comes to art. You gotta draw them first before you paint. That’s how I normally starts my painting.

Vania Romoff‘s collection for Plains and Prints is a Philippine themed. Floral such as Bougainvillea and the pattern ikat. Here, I’m making a Bougainvillea as an element for an art print/card.

Materials I used:

Daniel Smith watercolour, 000 and 20/0 round brush; Strathmore 140lbs cold pressed paper.

{2} I then prepare 2 shades per colour: 2 violets and 2 pinks. One lighter, the other is a bit darker but the shade is relatively close to each other.

{3} If your paints are ready – underpaint. I apply light wash for every petal. More water than colour.

{4} Once it’s dry, I apply another layer of the paint. This time, a bit darker. Looking for highlights and shadow.

{5} Once I’m satisfied with the colour, I then add the details such as the veins.

{6} I paint during night time. So the next day, I scan it then clean it up using Photoshop. This becomes my element for pattern or an accent.

{7} My watercolour Bougainvillea are now digitised and turned into an art print. Design 3 is the ikat pattern. I did the same process for this.

{8} Printed it on a #300 gsm Canvas paper. Cut it into 5×7 inch and now I have an art print. Which I’ll be using for the brush lettering of names.

I used Winsor and Newton gouache and ZIG petit water brush for the names.

Later this afternoon, Vania Romoff will be at Chimes to talk about her latest collection with Plains and Prints. And I’ll be doing a brush calligraphy for the names of the guests.

The collection has limited items only. So if I were you, come visit Chimes Boutique (Sales branch) for the preview until July 9.

I’ll share more of my recent projects and process next time. And if you’re looking for an artist or design commission, feel free to email me at [email protected].

For now, I gotta go and prepare and eat lunch.


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