Artisan Paperie’s 14year Anniversary

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Wow! It’s been ages since my last post! I can’t believe how time flies!

On that same note, I cannot believe I’ll celebrate 14 years in creativity already.

Most of you, especially if you’ve been following this blog (Oh my goodness! I want to hug you!) because you know how long this blog has been. And as much as I want to keep up with this, I focused on my Youtube channel: April San Pedro, and writing a blog post about the videos take up a lot of time.

But here I am again, trying to revive my first love. Plus some announcements!

Planning for the journal kit and workshop

One thing I am truly glad about is that everything is coming back to how we used to. People are going out more often now and more activities are happening already. And speaking of which, creative workshops are also back!

That’s why I decided to celebrate this year like how I use to celebrate some of Artisan Paperie’s anniversaries… with a workshop just like in my 8th year and 12th year.

Testing out the sticker

Geez! The last workshop I hosted was 2 years ago, I think. That was for the 12th Anniversary of Artisan Paperie and that was even online. So, it’s like riding a bike again. I’m quite excited and nervous to be doing this again.

Anyway, we are busy, yes! That’s officially a “we”, since my assistant, Shiela, who works with me years ago is back in the studio to help me out again. We are busy like elves preparing the kits.

Printing the weatherproof sticker

I’ll try my best to update more often, especially behind the scenes of the production. Because I want to share how we made the kit, especially for you.

Pandagdag Journal No.406 and the sticker sheets

Okay… going back to the kit, you’ll have 2 options. Just the journal kit alone or with the capsule workshop. As much as I want to have an online for this as well, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible for now. But I’m hoping to have a series of actual workshops already for this year so I hope you can join any of those.

If you fancy the Artisan Paperie 14th Anniversary Journal Kit or the workshop, you can check here: Journal Kit Details.


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