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Hello, you! I am looking for creative people who want to join Artisan Paperie‘s creative team.

What’s a creative team you asked? Well… it’s a group of talented and skillful people, in this case, a crafter or maker, who supports a brand by creating a project as output using my products.

To make it simple, if you like to do different projects with papers or if you’re into journaling and planning, then you might want to consider joining my creative team.

This is my first time doing this, and I’m just a small stationery shop here in Davao, Philippines. So, I’m not sure how will this go about and if someone would actually be interested in it. But I really like connecting with like-minded people and encouraging them to be creative in their own way. So, I’m hoping even with just a small team, we can encourage more people to do journaling, crafting, and just simple make beautiful things.

To know more about this, here are the guidelines if you want to apply:


The AP creative team will be making a project or an output using Artisan Paperie products. This will be shared on my social media accounts and on my blog. The goal is to encourage more people to create whether it’s a new hobby or just a form of self-expression through creative writing.


  • This will run for 3 months (for now).
  • Artisan Paperie will provide and send out paper products for each member for free.
  • Applicants must have a public account so everybody can see and reshare the post.
  • Team members will post their output/s on their social media accounts and tag Artisan Paperie.
  • You will be providing 4 outputs per month (1 per week): 1 video and 3 photos.
    • It could be a project, tutorial, photo featuring the products, unboxing, journal or plan with me.
    • You can create anything you feel like doing with the products. You will have the freedom to express yourself.
  • Members will reshare and tag the output featured for that week. Using “Story” or as a post.
  • Other brands especially tools, pens, stamps, or non-paper items can be used and be seen in the photo/video.
  • Other items like stickers, papers, planners, and journals that are not from Artisan Paperie are okay to use as long as we see 60% of the project/photo is from AP.
  • Members will be assigned a specific day to post their 1 output per week.
    • Ex: Member A will post on Wednesday; Member B on Thursday.
    • It’s up to you which of the outputs required you will post on that day.
    • Tag Artisan Paperie only during your posting day. But you can definitely tag other brands on any other day.
  • Photos/Videos must have good natural lighting.
  • Members must be reliable, easy to communicate with, and loves stationery.
  • You will also get a 30% OFF on other Artisan Paperie products.

I used to be a part of a creative team before and I truly enjoyed those times. I hope I will also be able to give you the same feeling I had while being part of my creative team.

Although, I am nervous about this, I am also excited. I cannot wait to pack your goodies. Most especially, I am looking forward to creating with you. Thank you for applying.


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