2022 Planner and Journals Lineup

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The start of the year is such an exciting time for stationery lovers like me.

Not only because it gives us hope to change or add new habits; get to have new dreams and goals, it’s also time to choose stationery like planners and journals that suits our needs best.

As I love watching planner and journal videos since I enjoy knowing new brands and how they use it, I’ve been sharing my own lineups as well since 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. I’ve been using the same Artisan Paperie Blangko planner and the Pandagdag journals in my lineup since then. But this year, I’ve made some few changes and went out of comfort zone.

Let me pause and admire my 2022 planner and journal family photo, lol. Such a beauty.

Alright, let’s start with my workhorse planner…

This year is a year of trying new sizes and styles. For one, my usual book bound Artisan Paperie Blangko planner will be different for 2022. That’s because I designed it in an A5 ring-binder style.

This is the Blangko 5th edition. I collaborated with my friend, Hannah of @artbyhannah who makes beautiful leather covers to pair my Artisan Paperie Blangko planner refill. You can find more about this in my next few posts.

Like always, this planner serves as my work and personal planner. But since I tried Bullet Journaling system last year, I have upgraded the Blangko prompts. This time it has habit, bills and payment trackers and more.

And since it’s the year of trying new things, I also expanded my trial period to journals.

I’ve been using regular size traveler’s notebook for years now so I want to know how it will feel to use A6 or A5 maybe.

I’m still using the Pandagdag journals for my inserts.

What’s not in the photo is the Abbey Sy Daily journal and the Soumkine Carnet Ligne No. 308. And the Hobonichi A6 Day-free.

Here’s a video as I shared the entire lineup here:

I want to convince myself that my lineup is somewhat minimalist. But truly it’s not. I don’t want to stress myself about it though. I will just enjoy the experience and check which one will suit my needs best. I’m also taking this time to study how to improve my Artisan Paperie journals and planner.

How about you? What’s your journal and planner lineup for 2022? Do you also like watching and checking what others are using?


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