Journal With Me No. 12 | Journaling Using Packaging

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A few months ago, I bought a Traveler’s Notebook haul. If you’ve read the blog or watched the video, you’d probably know by now how much these notebooks meant to me.

That’s why it deserves a whole spread in my journal.

I love using other paper goodies in my journal spreads but this time, I just want to keep all the packaging from my haul and so I’ve used them up to actually decorate the journal spread.

I’m actually really happy about how this turned out. I think I was able to practice creativity using what I have in a minimal way. It was a challenge at first how to arrange all those papers included in the packaging.

Then I’ve thought of pocket, which is one of my favourite add-ons in journaling. And I used the white tissue paper from the Midori packaging. And I really love how it turned out because the vellum feels which also organised all the papers on one side looks perfect.

I shared the process of this journal spread here:

Do you also journal about your purchases especially the ones you’ve been eyeing for quite some time? How do you do it? Do you use all the packaging or you just cut interesting part?


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