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Oh, boy! It’s been awhile since my last Journal With Me post. I’ve been journaling a lot but I’ve been doing it without filming.

As much as I want to share my process, it also somehow takes a lot of time filming and editing. There are days when I feel, I just want to do this for myself first and just do another one to share. And this journal is one of those days I want to share with you.

I love the scrapbooking process but I’m quite ashamed to admit, I haven’t done a single scrapbook layout yet. But I enjoy watching the process videos and looking at photos with so many layers and techniques.

So, because of that, my way of creative journaling is like a scrapbooking process. I love using the materials like how you would do a scrapbooking layout. And one thing I love using while I’m journaling are patterned papers.

I designed a few journaling kit collections already and patterned papers these are one of the must-haves.

In this journal with me video, I shared how I used this patterned paper as the main background for this spread. It’s simple, yet it makes this spread less need of any embellishments.

If you noticed, the patterned paper was teared-off rather that cut with scissors because I like that rugged look it gave. Then I curl the sides so open it up a little.

I also love using handmade papers to photo backgrounds. This makes the photo pop a little rather than being submerged in the background.

Journal With Me No.11: Materials

• Artisan Paperie’s Pandagdag Journal

• Patterned paper from Artisan Paperie Off To The Beach Collection

• Instax photo

• Transparent embellishement and die-cuts

• Honeycomb clear stamp

• Scissors, glue, stapler, pen

This spread is just simple. You can use whatever similar materials you have and you’re good to go.

Here’s the video for Journal with me no.11.

While taking a photo of this, I just had a funny realisation. I already used this photo in a different journal. And what’s funny was, I had a different journal version. Although quiete a close story but still there’s a difference. You see, this is the reason why I journal, so I can keep the memories. Just like in scrapbooking. However, since I’m such a lousy memory keeper, I end up forgetting most of the memories.

Enjoy the creative process. I hope this will encourage you to pick up your journal and use it as documenting your memories. See you in my next video.


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