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Hi my lovelies. I cannot believe I’ve reached this far. This is my 7th journal for this month and I’m really proud I was able to commit to this. Although, too early to say. We only have 6 more days left for April.

Gouache paint with stencils

Anyway, this journal spread is my favourite so far. I love how simple this looked yet it speaks to me so much. I made few mistakes. The drawing was quite challenging, but I think I was able to work it out after all.

If there’s something I got from this art journaling, it’s definitely discovering my style and what I want to pursue.

I also discovered myself in a way I don’t know how to explain. You see… art journaling for me is an expression of my feelings. It started with my negative emotions. I try to do this whenever I am sad or most especially anxious. That’s why my previous ones we’re really cluttered and dark. Then as I keep pushing myself from doing it, I feel better. My emotions became positive and my art journal spreads became brighter and clearer in terms of design.

I used to draw in black pens before. But I resisted it because i wanted my art to look bright and happy with colors. However, whenever I look back with my previous artworks, I always find the black inks really beautiful. Even with just a plain simple ballpoint pen.

So here, I tried going back to that but adding 2-colors only. Well, the other one is gray so I guess technically, I just used one.

And when I look at this spread, my emotions really feel brighter and excited to create more. Is it weird? Lol.

Here’s art journal 08: Only Jesus can fix and solve everything.

Today, we just heard the news that ecq is extended until May 15. It’s saddening yet it’s for the better. So, this quote is a good reminder for me that no matter how bad things may go, Jesus can fix and solve everything.

Also, I’m preparing something different for my YouTube channel: April San Pedro. It involves other artists. I just hope I’ll be able to do it quickly now. Stay tuned though.


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