Art Journal 10: Do Everything In Love

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And I’m almost done! Like one more to go and I can say, I was able to commit to this project.

Unfortunately, I didn’t budget my time well on this latter part so my last one will be posted late. I kinda feel bad about it already but I’m telling myself not to be so hard on myself. This was meant for practice and make me feel better as I’m enjoying the process anyway. The important part is, I did it. Trying, to convince myself that it’s okay.

So, for this art journal. I went back to my previous unfinished pages. This was just a page with the salmon pink gouache paint. Then I skipped it over because I liked the color and didn’t have an idea what to do with it back then.

As I was browsing my journal, I realised I still have few unfinished pages. With that thought, I ended up with another goal. To finish my journal within this year.

I think that’s doable, right? I still have 15 or less than 20 spreads left and there are 8 more months to go. I guess, I’ve given myself enough time for this.

The deadline is until the end of this year because I want to try different projects still. And I know, I can only create few projects in a week, so I’m sure 15 spreads would be challenging but doable.

Going back to this journal, I used the same technique I did with art journal 08. Line drawing. But instead of stencil, I combined collage.

You know, one thing I like about this journey I’m doing is, I get to learn few things along the way.

Let’s say, for the collage, I already know that the newspaper or magazine page would be too dark for me as background. So, I have to soften it with gesso. If you don’t have gesso, just use whatever paint you have then water it down.

Another thing, I discovered my colour palette for now and enjoyed the simplicity of using just one or two colors.

All these discoveries because of this goal I did for myself.

I also realised how my emotions contributes in art journaling. I started with a heavy heart and now I was able to deal with it already, my pages look clear and easy to look at. I find it pretty if I may say.

So, here the process video of Art Journal 10. This became another of my favourite.

Will probably do a flipthrough after this. It would be a nice summary for me and documentation of my probably the first art project I’ve committed myself into.


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