Yellow Hauz: Tea Latte

Yellow Hauz

Are you a latté kind of person? Because if you are, you might want to try a different kind…

Although latté is normally a drink made of espresso and milk. An italian coffee short for caffé latte or in english “milk coffee”. However, lately the term latté is now used for another drink that doesn’t have any coffee at all. And that’s where the tea latté was invented. I think the italian God’s of coffee must be mad about this, hehe.

Anyway, it’s called a tea latté because it has the same process as the caffé latté: tea+milk.

Enough about the gibirish terms about latté and tea because it’s better to taste it than talk about it, right? So if you’re intrigued, come and try Yellow Hauz’s featured drink: Tea Latté in two flavors – Matcha Green Tea Latté and Chai Tea Latté.


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