DIY: Wall Lamp Dressed Up


I got a little bored with my white wall lamp. Although I like white, but it needs a little tweaking. Okay the truth is… the lamp cover was damaged. It keeps on falling so I have to find a way to fix it. Nonetheless, whether you’re bored or you need to fix it, this DIY wall lamp dressed up is very simple and it won’t take so much of your time.

Materials you’ll need:

• Wall lamp

• Doily lace, Adhesive Lace Border

• Glue gun, Glue, Scissors

How to do it:

{1} Measure horizontally one side of the lamp and cut the lace border according to its size. This will cover the upper area of the lamp.

{2} On one side of the lamp, put a glue on the upper area of the cover. Place the lace border on the glued area, leaving the upper side of the border lace open.

{3} Once you’re done with four sides, fold the lace border on the other side of the lamp.
{4} Then measure and cut the doily lace vertically to the lamp cover.

{5} Use a hot glue for the doily lace since its fabric. Place it vertically covering the border lace. This actually holds the lamp from its wire base inside.

I told you its very easy and it won’t take so much of your time. Now my lamp is fixed plus these doilies gave a personal touch to my wall lamp.

TIP: You can try using fabric paints or pens and just simply draw on to the cover. That for sure will make you’re lamp cute and handmade.

If you tried this DIY or if you have another version, let me see how you did yours and let’s share it to others. You can email it to [email protected]. You can also leave a link on the comment box. Happy crafting everyone.


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