Instagram Sunday #38

Instagram Sunday

I don’t know about you but my week was all about eating. Been eating a lot the whole week and it seems I have no plans of stopping. But seriously, it has to stop. Please somebody stop me! Or join me? haha

{1} I love looking at window displays in the mall. They give you inspirations and of course they attract customers. And one of my fave lately is the Marks and Spencer‘s window display. Of course, it’s a bit biased because it’s made of paper.

{2} Finally, was able to mapped and visualized the new designs for my planner. It maybe a little late for the planning stage, but I work best under pressure, lol.

{3} I’ve been using MAC cosmetics for quite some time but now I want to try a different brand. One thing came in mind was Bobby Brown. So I started off with the basic which is the powder. It’s actually nice.

{4} Catching up with my college friends is always nice. However, this was a bittersweet bonding because Veda {the one in the middle} will be leaving for Dubai soon.

My sister will also leave for Canada soon. And I don’t know how I feel about that. Of course, I’m happy for her because she will be with her husband, but we’ve been together since birth. We call each other kambal, that’s how close we are. I don’t want to be emotional right now so I’ll stop there, haha.

Anyway, let’s attract good vibes and lets be happy this week, okay? Have a great week ahead friends… spread happy feeling to others.


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