Instagram Sunday #37

Instagram Sunday

The week went so fast, don’t you think so? It’s kinda hard to keep up… “Ber” months has already started and the next thing you know, it’s almost christmas. And seriously, I’m on a panic mode for the holiday season.

{1} Flowers can surely brighten your day. This one surely did.

{2} Our house is like a homemade bakery. Almost everyday my mom and sister baked various pastries for Yellow Hauz. Sometimes I’m tempted to taste them before we display them in the coffee shop. Well I think, it needs to be tasted first, lol.

{3} I bought a mini doughnut for my earphones. Now I’m craving for doughnuts, specifically baby doughnuts of J.Co, haha.

{4} So my family liked to collect small jams for some weird reason, please don’t judge us, lol. But who can resist those cute jars?

How about you? How did your week go? I’m itching for another trip this month, but then I can’t decide yet since I need to finish a lot of things in the studio and for Yellow Hauz. But I do hope I’d be productive. Have a great day everyone.


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