Print and Label Philippines 2013 Expo: Davao Based Companies

Bazaar + Exhibit
**This is a blog post about the expo. Kindly contact the companies below if you have inquiries.

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My first post was about the exhibitors based in Manila, but luckily some have offices here in Davao. One company that also featured die-cut machines was the E.S. Print Media Inc. They also cater supplies like vinyl stickers for T-shirts.

E.S. Print Media Inc{ Dr.2 RNC Building, Park Ave., J.P. Laurel, Bajada, Davao City; Tel. No: 082 321-2833}

I’ve seen this company for quite some time now, but this time, they truly caught my attention. Gakken offers a wide variety of graphic equipments. Paolo and I were stuck here for awhile when we saw their heavy duty manual cutter{2nd photo}, creasing machine{3rd photo}, but our favourite was the binding machine{4th-7th photo}. Imagine if you have all these machines… production would be a lot easier. But of course, these toys don’t come cheap. They range from P50,000 up.

 Gakken Philippines, Inc {Acacia St., Corner Quimpo Blvd., Davao City; Tel. No: 082 321-5160; 082 321-5887}

One company and printer that had me thinking all night was from Big Pix. I bought my craft robo from them years ago. Now they had an amazing new machine. It’s a UV LED flatbed tabletop printer. I remember few years ago when I attend the same exhibit, I couldn’t sleep for days because I was planning to invest in the same printer format from a different company, but it costs way too much. So I opted not to expand instead. But this time around, Big Pix offered an affordable {okay, still expensive, but reasonable than the last company} UV LED printer. You see, I have a thing with printers that can print various material apart from paper. And this printer truly captured my needs.

Why was it amazing you asked? Well you can print from sand paper, wood, plastic, metal and anything you can think of that has a flat surface. Even straight to your iPad. Yes, you read that right! iPhone if you want, switch cover, tile, anything I tell you.

If you don’t believe me about the iPad then here’s a proof… he’s setting up the iPad on the flatbed. I had a video so you can see how it was actually printed.

BigPix Graphic Systems {Dasi Compound Water District, Bajada, Davao City; Tel. No: 082 286-1032}

Of course, when I went home, I got myself a lot of flyers and calling cards from prospects suppliers. But the paper swatches were the ones that made me so giddy. So many beautiful papers that I just went crazy, I want to order them all, haha.

Really thinking about that printer… but then, the cost is not a joke. Although, who knows, doors may open that will give me some opportunities or ideas. In the meantime, I’ll be just dreaming about that UV LED printer, that for sure wouldn’t cost me anything.


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