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Last Saturday I was invited to talk about graphic design for a Women Techmakers event. When I got a message from Ria, I couldn’t say no. For a fact that I feel honoured to be invited and would love to share what I have learned. Plus, call me sexist, but I am pro women empowerment. So this one, I shouldn’t missed, right?

However, it gave me butterflies in my stomach the whole week before that. First of all, I am afraid of public speaking. Yup! I hate recitations or introductions during college. But, I have to conquer it! Because I want to inspire people and one way of doing so is maybe by telling my own story.

Anyway, another reason for my little anxiety apart from my greatest fear of course, was… I have never ever made a powerpoint/keynote presentation in my entire life. I don’t know where was I during college time but seriously, I haven’t tried that. As much as I can make my own slides using Photoshop, I think that’s not how it should it be. Luckily, I had Miguel on the side for my keynote 101. I also asked him some pointers too. But I got frustrated with keynote, so I ended up with no presentations at all.

Moving on… as the event started, Ria and Andrew did a little background about the Women Techmakers and introduced the first speaker… and talking about technology! They’re using Google Hangouts.

Nick Bautista Wilwayco of Smart Communications.

Aileen Apollo-de Jesus of Google Southest Asia.

Then Rose Dy of Switotwins Digital Storytelling

And lastly… me… with a crumbling tummy, haha… Thank you RiaAndrewChamee and Vanessa for my photos.

It was an intimate group, flooded with google goodies.

I may have forgotten some few points there due to crumbling tummy. But here we are after the talk with lots of food and wearing our google glasses.
Thank you very much Ria and Andrew for inviting me… these two are my go-to people with regards to blogging tips and techniques. Really feel honoured to be part of this event. I hope I was able to share at least something… hehe…


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