Wednesday Book Club: Handmade Gifts


I’m sorry this was not posted last Wednesday. I lost track of the days and I just realized last night. I can’t imagine how I forgot the days. Seemed like it was just Monday and boom! The week is almost end.

Anyway, one of my book reference whenever I need an inspiration is Paper Art Workshop Handmade Gifts {Stylish ideas for Journals, Stationery and more} by Jennifer Francis Bitto, Linda Blinn, Jenn Mason.

Unlike the book I shared last time, that was just for inspirations; this one is a DIY kind of book. It shows photos and instructions on how to make the projects, mainly paper art.

I’m a visual person, so normally, I looked at photos more than reading the instructions, and this book got it right for me, because they showed nice big photos per projects and words that were easily to read. You can even follow by just looking at the photo.

Projects from recycling old clipboards, origami writing sets, paper flowers, garlands and more were all showed in an organized way according to a certain theme like: The Traveler, The Chef, The Giver, etc., so ideas will vary depends on the person your giving it to.

What I like most about this book is, they were using simple materials and at the same time techniques that were easy to follow as well. Apart from that, they showed different designs of the certain project to give you more ideas on how to be creative about it.

Plus they added templates and measurements for the projects to simplify it even more for the crafter.

On the contrary though on the title, for me most of the projects were more about practical ideas for myself rather than as a gift. Although, they categorized the projects to give you an idea to whom you can give it to and also added gift wrapping ideas at the end part, but I think most of them are applicable for myself. On the otherhand, handmade things are one of the best gifts you can give, so nonetheless, you can have a great selection of ideas.

It’s a paper art workshop in some way so if you’re like me who’s crazy about anything to do with paper, then I suggest you get Handmade Gifts as a gift for yourself. Surely, you’ll have fun making all the projects inside.


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