Lovely Package Exchange 2012

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Another time of the year where Oh Hello Friend conducted Lovely Package Exchange. I always enjoy her package exchange not only because of getting nicely wrap gifts and goodies but the swap partners are from your same country so you get to meet crafter friends in your . Like last year, my partner was Patchi and she’s from Manila. And we exchanged emails after that.

This time, my swap partner is from Davao. Oh what a coincidence, and I was so happy! At least this time, I can actually meet my partner. But just as I read my her name, I was surprise as I remember her name… Ruby Thursday. First, her name was so unique to me, or maybe since my name was based on a month and hers was based on a week, then that probably made the recall, haha. Secondly, I knew her name really sounds familiar. And that’s because I designed a business card for her.

Seriously, our paths were truly meant to cross again because last time, I wasn’t able to meet her personally. And who would have thought we would be swap partners for Lovely Package Exchange. So last two weeks ago, we scheduled our first meeting.

So I packed all my goodies in an old shoe box covered in kraft paper then wrapped it with flower lace border and doily lace.

Here’s what’s inside the package. Some postcards, notecards, polaroid photos, stationery and notebook, washi tapes and bracelet and lipgloss.

In return, Ruby gave me these super wonderful goodies… all inside a bayong bag. I got a kawaii notebook, post-its, stickers, pencils, necklaces and native craft supplies.

Apparently, we forgot to take photos of us together…  We were chatting all the time about our work, how we wanted to have crafter friends, etc, hahaha.  Seriously, I love what you gave me Ruby… super duper thank you… I really hope we can get to chat again or do some crafting maybe, hihi… and by that time we should really take our photo, haha.


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