Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

My oh my… how time flies so fast! As far as I remember, I just wrote the first Instagram Sunday, and now it’s the 2nd one already? Whew!

{1}  Started week with a Toasted Mallows Latte at Yellow Hauz, which was my office the whole week.

{2}  Kay of Bits to Pieces helped me with my clay pendants and we stayed upto 4am in her office. Then I saw her garden fairies collection. Excited for her to finish all of them.

{3}  Got OC so I decorated shoeboxes and stored my stamps and cutters in it.

{4}  Heintje knows how I love tools and looked what he got me? A heavy duty craft tool.

You can find me on instagram @iam_artisan. ‘Til our next Instagram Sunday.


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