Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

On a regular sunday, I normally lie down all day, as in literally. Wake up to eat, then sleep again, then eat again… But then supposedly, I planned to some cleaning and organizing today. Apparently, I’ve got a sore throat and ended up doing my regular sunday again. Nonetheless, my room is still messy, and still more deadlines to catch up.

Anyway, here’s a collage from my instagram photos this week…

{1}  As we went to Boracay last month, I used my lomo cam instead of digital. Just this week I had them converted to digital. Excited to share the output.

{2}  Been working late in my studio last week.

{3}  I bought mini cupcakes from my cousin and I had it for breakfast, was that bad?

{4}  Packed some goodies from my shop.

Just when I browsed which photo I’ll be using for instagram sunday, I realized I only took few photos for this week. Been less active in my social networks recently, since I got so busy and lazy at the same time. Hoping this week will be a better week for me, even if feeling a little sick right  now.

Another nice thing we had during sundays now is my family had a sunday dinner routine. Thankfully, my mom agreed that we’ll have dinners every sunday, hehe. What’s your sunday routine?


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