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I know the name of the column is Wednesday Book Club but my posts are always 1-day late and I missed two Wednesdays already. My goodness! I’m such a bad blogger. But if we consider the other side of the planet, it’s still Wednesday, lol. And I’ll be doing 2 posts to compensate my absences. Good deal?

Anyway, I normally share craft related books for the past few wednesday, but this time, I tend to choose a different genre, if I may call it. As you may know, I’m a self taught graphic designer. Apart from my awesome mentor in this field, Heintje, I developed my style through visuals. A big part of that was books and great photos. As they say, you must really train your eyes to look at beautiful images so your brain will automatically adopt to it.

Then my love for graphic design books flourished. As much as I hate to accept that they are so expensive, they can truly inspire you. One of which is 1000 Greetings: Creative Correspondence Designed for all Occasions by Peter King and Company. This is published by Rockport. Their collection of books are really great. I have some of their books and it’s quite handy whenever I need some light bulb intervention.

There are few 1000 Greetings versions. But this one focuses on personal expressions, from all types of greetings, invitations and gift cards. It’s only 6x6in in size, so you can bring it anywhere. There’s no more reason for you to feel uninspired.

Some of the graphic design books normally vary from the craft books I owned. One variation is, it’s literally all photos and less texts. So mostly, you can’t see tips and techniques just purely great images of their works. This won’t teach you how to do it, but it just shows you that you can also do this and that form.
Another thing is, this is a compilation from various graphic artists. So you’ll see the artist’s name and their company below every page plus at the back of the book. From here you’ll realized there are so many of “us” and with great talent and ideas.
Just like the title implies, it does have 1000 featured designs inside. Although as a half crafter half graphic designer blood {yup! I’m making my own blood type now!}, the designs are really incorporated with printed graphics not with rubber stamps nor cut-out embellishments.
During my early years in Artisan Design Studio I was really eager in buying these kind of books. Some were very helpful specially in finding inspirations for invitations or even a plain stationery. But nowadays, I somehow stopped collecting them, though I already hoarded a lot of it, I just think 1 or 2 of these are enough to fill-up your tank. I also noticed, some projects were already featured from their other books, so it became redundant.
Nonetheless, if you’re good with graphic design, this can truly encourage you to try different things with your talent. This book can open a lot of possibilities with what you can do with paper and incorporate it with your skills.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Book Club: 1000 Greetings”

  1. Can we exchange books when I get back?!? I like your books but i think i’m way beyond my “book quota” for 2012 and adding 1 more of these will mean i have to buy another shelf = another room = another house?!? I’d probably be kicked out of the house coz of my stuff! lol!

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