Meeting old and new friends at Craft Soiree

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My most awaited Craft Soiree part 2 happened last saturday. And yes! I’m still overwhelmed by all the talents and new crafters I’ve met since that day.

This time, we were divided into 3 groups since the number of people who signed up were doubled, can you imagine? We can totally create a convention next time, lol.

I’m on the first group and I got to introduce myself first. I have a fear of public speaking, but I get to choose from the raffle so what the heck. {These are the photos of my group}

Since we’re grouped into 3 with 10 members, we get to received 10 goodies including alessa’s. When it was the next group’s turn, we were just looking at them and drooling while they exchanged gifts. So that’s how they felt when we were doing it…  {This one is from the group 3; showing off their handmade gifts, lol}.

And of course, I’m so glad to meet few girls from the first batch of craft soiree. Apparently, I forgot to take a photo from the others. But here’s Mansy and me of Hey Kessy; Alessa of Life After Breakfast and me.

Met Fozzy of the The Foozy Book for the first time. We were exchanging tweets and messages in Instagram and finally we’ve met. Amazing what social networks can do.

I have yet to post the goodies I got, once I’m back in Davao. But to sum it all, here are the wonderful creations all the crafters made. 

Now you know why I’m still smiling until now. I think it will be quite bigger if we really get to have all the 30 goodies, hahaha.


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