DIY: Mini Garland with Washi Tape and Bakers Twine


I’ve finally added in my shop the crafting kit I’ve been preparing for days now. And one of the things you can create with it is a DIY mini garland.

Materials you’ll need. {All in the crafting kit}:

• Baker’s Twine

• Washi Tape

• Non-stick scissors

How to do it:

{1}  Measure the length you’ll be needing with your baker’s twine. Then simply wrap around the washi tape on it.

{2}  Now that the washi tape is sticked together. Fold the edge in the middle and cut it to form a V shape.

{2}  Do the same thing until you’ll reach the other edge of the twine. I wanted to have various sizes and lengths so I made the others thicker and did the same procedure.

Now that I’m done, I can simply hang this on my wall, just like this…

If you’re planning a small party, you can actually use this garland to decorate your party. Or maybe just to make your room or office look creative and fun.


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