Shop: Washi Tapes


The moment I knew about washi tapes, I seriously got addicted to it. Every time we travel abroad, I make sure, 1 set of washi tapes must be part of my budget. On the otherhand, let’s face it, it’s really quite expensive for a masking tape. If you’re taking crafting, packaging and decorating seriously then you know this is a must have.

Then I realized, I can make it cheaper by selling these cute masking tapes into a sampler pack. So you don’t need to buy 1 design for now and save up for another one next time. Instead, you can choose various designs and it can still fit in your budget.

I only have 16-designs for now, and they are packed in a mini tag in 2-meters long. The tag can be use as a bookmark afterwards. That’s eco-friendly and practical.

Tomorrow do come back because I’ll show a simple DIY on what you can create with your washi tapes.


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