Wednesday Book Club: Gift Wrapping


For our next post Wednesday Book Club, we’re back to crafting again. Truly my heart belongs to this side already. It feels so good to share craft books rather than designs, such bias I know, haha.

Couple of days from now, it will be September already and we all know what that means… Christmas is truly near. So what a better way to show-off our crafting skills but of course in the way we wrap our gifts. Gift Wrapping by Lucy Berridge can give that hidden wrapping skills in you.

I think, we all know how to wrap something in someway. From our book covers to simple birthday gifts, we all know the basics. That is if we’re talking about basic shapes.

This book on the otherhand, will not only show the basics but also adding more ways for those that have an unusual shapes like bottles or plants.

Apart from the basic wrapping, using of other materials to embellish the gift can somehow add to it’s overall look right? Just like in food, when it looks good, it must taste good. Same goes with gifts. Ribbons are still classic but gems, keychains, or ornaments are now in.

Yes, some embellishments can be expensive but who said you can’t use recycled materials? Normally, we just use the usual gift wrapping that is just available in our store, Lucy Berridge can assist you with how you can add your creativity with other materials.

What I like about this book is, it’s also categorized according to an occasion. So you can apply different styles according to your event.

And my favorite part in every craft books are the techniques. Like I said, I’m a visual person, so it’s really helpful every time I see photos on how to do this and that.

Honestly, I’m blabbing about this wonderful book but it’s not even mine. My college good friend, Ena, lend me this last weekend and I just have to share it. “Thanks partner for willingly lending me this book.” I’ve been seeing this before in our local shop but I find it quite expensive not knowing I might need it one day.

I’m thinking of hosting a gift wrapping session one of this months, just in time for the holiday season. Nothing fancy just simply chatting, meeting and crafting with fellow crafters just like what Alessa would call as crafternoon. I will still have to plan for it though, but would you join me? Do let me know so I can set a date.


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