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I wanted to be a doctor when I was still young, or maybe that was a popular occupation when you were just a kid. “When I grow up, I’ll be a doctor…”, a common phrase in school. I don’t even know why, when we never had a doctor in the family, haha. So, I did not become a doctor, nor nurse, but I’m so glad I did not! But I had a privilege to design a wedding invitation for a couple that are both doctors.

The bride, Dra. Vera, wanted something big than the usual invitations {that’s easy…} and she also wanted it with a thick board {okay wait, can we go back on the easy part? haha}. Seriously, It was easy for me to visualized her idea since she showed me a sample of her ideal invitation. But making it on board was the challenging part, but I love challenges.

Now, my work was to integrate her idea and her theme to the invitation she wanted… not that easy, but I like it when my mind was being challenged.

Here we go… Wrapping the board on the exact print was really not that easy but the creasing part must be mastered. Getting the right color {baby pink and blue} was also hard, my printer needed a little tweaking or probably needed to be replaced {oh please no! hehe}.

The inner paper, where all the details were written were laser printed but the couple’s names must be embossed… now that was really the challenged.

Another challenged solved… thank you my dear clients for giving me the opportunity to try something new with my craft.


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