DIY: Payroll made fun


When I was still working in a company before, I get excited every 15th and 30th of the month… because that means… it’s payroll time. But now that I have my own company, payroll doesn’t excite me much, hahaha {I’m sure if you’re your own boss you’ll feel the same way}.

Even if I’m an Accounting graduate, numbers give me allergies, hahaha. Aside from computing the details for payroll, those ugly serious looking time sheets give me headache. So, I made a solution to this uncreative dilemma I have…

I made and printed my own payroll form with a chic design. Now, I wouldn’t have to write on those ugly serious forms again, and all I have to deal with is just those numbers.

If you feel the same way, I’ll be happy to share my payroll form with you. But since I’m still in Gensan, I’ll be back again later to post the downloadable form.

UPDATED: You can now download the payroll form here.


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