DIY: Souvenir loop-bag


I just came back from Taiwan and I’m totally overloaded from all the cute staffs there. I wish I can say I went shopping with clothes like a usual girl would do. But instead, I got bankrupt from a bookstore… yup! from a bookstore… and literally drooled over from all the books, craft tools, lomo cams and everything else a craft girl could ever dreamed of.

But before I’ll show you what I bought and where we went, let me share a DIY project for my “pasalubong” loop-bag. Since I’m feeling crafty from my trip, I gave my simple present a little twist using my newly bought stamps.

Letter Stamps I bought from Micia.

Here are the things you needed:

Letter Stamps

Stamp pad {I used color black}

Glassine paper bag {any size will do}.  

I used letter stamps so I can custom the bags according to their names. You can also use other stamps to decorate it.

I filled it with Taiwan delicacies like Pineapple cake and Mochi.

These loop bags will be given to my Yellow Hauz crew and Artisan staffs.Hope to see how you did yours…


7 thoughts on “DIY: Souvenir loop-bag”

  1. Hi April! Your new site is so cute! I love it! I haven’t been updated with your work for quite some time now, I’ll make sure to catch up. More power on you business! =)



    1. Thank you for dropping by quantdesk… I try to use available materials as possible so I don’t have to buy more things, hehe… super love your blog… its full of inspiring DIY things…

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