Taiwan… we meet again!

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Thought I’d share some of our photos to the land of the cuteness… Taipei! But I have to warn you though, I really wish I can be of help when it comes to itinerary. But the truth is, we don’t really have an itinerary. Believe it or not, my family have a different way of travelling. We just like to chill and go to cute and nice places. Not necessary the tourists spots. So, if you’re hoping, you can get a nice travel plan here, I may have to apologize for that now… lol.

So, from the airport, we took a bus going to our hotel. Although, it’s our second time to go to Taiwan, it’s our first time to stay in Taipei, since the last time we went there, our hotel was an hour away from Taipei. Feels like were locals… acting like we knew the place, haha. But seriously, we really don’t. Good thing about us… we don’t really mind getting lost. Luckily, we never did.

Having no itinerary at all, we just went to a place near our hotel. And that’s Taipei 101. It’s like a shopping mall {and offices, I think} with 101 stories. And they have the fastest elevator ever. It also has an observatory where you can view Taipei from the top. We didn’t go there anymore, since we’ve tried it before.

But what we did there was, we went to their food court and looked for milk tea and food, haha! And we were not disappointed, as we found the same stalls as last year. Look at those beautiful looking mochis and pastries. Even their cakes looks so cute!

Basically, we just went back to the places where we’ve been to before, haha. Like one of their National Museum, just to look at the smallest boat carved out of an olive pit. There’s much more to see there actually, but seriously, this olive boat was really worth looking at. The boat door was movable by the way. and you can see different people inside with facial reactions. Who wouldn’t want to see that? We seriously think, that the one who made that was officially blind after carving the olive pit, hahaha.

Photo from Travelpod

We also came back to Juifen. Far from the city but a must visit place. It’s a small town, with very a small aisle where you’ll walked straight to 100+ different local stores. You’ll find local delicacies, souvenirs and other staffs at a cheaper price. At the end of the road, we spotted a very cute and dainty coffee shop, Bakka. That guy owns the place, and I think he’s also the only personnel, haha, since we never saw anyone aside from him. And when he served the milk tea, that cute paper towel folded into a shirt was included. How sweet and lovely is that?

Basically, the whole trip was a visit to various cafes there. And one unforgettable cafe was the Hello Kitty cafe. Where everything was all about hello kitty. I’m not really a fan, but we just find it amusing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without drinking my ever favorite Milk Tea. There’s nothing like the taste of a Taiwan milk tea. From the very first day, my milk tea craze had started ’til the very last day.

Well, apart from the cafes and milkteas, the trip would never be complete without the proof of all the cute things I’ve been telling you. If you’re a handmade lover like me, you would drool over those stamps, craft tools and all the handmades products there. Let me show you where you can find them.

I was totally in-love as I saw the biggest bookstore I’ve ever been to, and that’s Eslite Bookstore. It’s a 5 or more-story building {sorry I was overwhelmed when I got there, hehe}. Different floors with different categories. I was so stunt to see so many japanese craft books. All of the floors were a haven. You can find a wrapping section with various original washi MT. There’s also a wall full of different Lomo Cameras. Then, they have like a craft activity floor, where kids create different craft projects like ceramic painting, and etc. Oh my gosh! I cannot explain how I felt when I got there. Literally, I died over and over again as looked every floors, hahaha.

Can you imagine where my money went? I was totally bankrupt! But it didn’t end there. Because we went to Q Mall, where I remember back then, there’s a store full of stamps. And so I found Micia, and I died all over again… from all the cuteness and since I had no money already, haha.

Now tell me if those things aren’t cute? Just looking back the photos makes me want to go back there again. Like I told you, I can’t help you with a good itinerary, but finding cute things, that I can show you where.

Please do come back again for my next post, as I’ll show you the things I bought that made me poor but all worth it… hahaha… from japanese books, to Martha Stewart’s craft tools and the stamps. Whew! I hope you had fun!


5 thoughts on “Taiwan… we meet again!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos and your thoughts of your trip.
    Really cute!! I liked the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe. (I used to collect HK stuffs). Cheers!

    1. Hello Ninang, thanks for dropping by… hihihi… Oh I didn’t know you used to like HK stuffs… if you still like it, I’m sure you’ll crazy in that cafe hehe. Everything was pink and hello kitty… hahaha

  2. Drooooooling!!!! waaaahh!!! I’m glad I wasn’t there when you went to Micia. That really won’t do well on my budget. Nope. I’d be bankrupt faster than you can say “stamp”. haha

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