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I’ve been meaning to make something like a dessert buffet before, however, I couldn’t find the occasion or at least the right time to set it up. Gladly, last July, Apple {a friend who works from Pearl Farm Beach Resort} invited me to join their bridal fair. Goody! What a great timing.

So being a frustrated illustrator {hihi}, I try to visualize my plan and draw my concept first. I used to do this before for my invitations, but I guess, when you’re used to it, ideas come on the spot. So I seldom draw my concept nowadays.

Anyway, so here’s what I visualized… Long table covered with a nice cloth with same cloth used for background. Then filled with good sweet stuffs and wrap or label them with printed papers. It was actually simple but finding a theme for it was a bit challenging. Then I remember the party paper details we’ve been working on ready for the market. Wow, hitting two birds with one stone… setting-up a dessert buffet and using my Paperie items.

This was the actual dessert buffet based from my illustration. I made some changes based on materials available but nonetheless, for me it was a success and pretty.

This Just Married banner will be ready for sale on my etsy shop and studio. We also have buntings with the same theme, just like the one hanged on the table.

I love how simple yet enticing these chocolate bars looked like. I’ve been thinking of putting a monogram on it so couples can opt for custom design as well. However, I don’t know what initials to put for the sake of our display, that’s why it ended up as blank and plain patterns instead, hehe.

Oh how I love looking at these cupcake flags? Yes, you can stick ’em to any pastries you like, instead of cupcakes.

Here are the other details… labels for candy jars, food name and for bottled drinks as well.

This is my favorite though… simple yet attractive. A craft bag loop bag with a thank you card and a fork. You can put a cupcake or mini cakes inside as your party souvenir. And it’s ready to eat.

We don’t normally have a backyard wedding here in Davao but I just made a sample for lemonade cups and straws with flags, to give the couples an idea about it.

I was excited and a little nervous at the same time before I set this up since it was my first time. I’m not sure if it will come up out the way I imagined it. But I gladly it did. Thank you Occasions for lending me those beautiful vases and glass stands. And of course to my sister, Sandy for all the other cake stands {even though you didn’t know about it though, hehe}.

What do you think about my dessert buffet? I don’t know about you, but I’m heading now to our kitchen to find something sweet, because this sure made me crave for it… hihi.

Would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment… =)


7 thoughts on “Dessert Buffet set-up”

  1. hi! how much do you usually charge for dessert buffet during weddings? do you have a menu for that? hope to hear from you! thanks!

  2. ohh i love your illustration gang..:) ahem magaling ka naman pala mgdrawing ah.. humble ka talaga bah.. patutor-tutor ka pa kay cathy.. wow good good job gang..:) Illustrator na jud ka gang..:)

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