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I’m back from my home town and with a big smile on my face. I just love attending conventions. Although, I went there alone and didn’t meet any new friends, it was truly a breather for me. On the contrary, I got to know new inspiring people, and that’s good as meeting new people, right?

So here’s how my weekend went… I flew to Manila on Friday, so I can still do some window shopping and chill a little. In the afternoon, I went to Divisoria, all by myself. Bought some relevant stuffs for Artisan and not so relevant ones, like clothes, lol.

Then at night, I get to meet my friends from Davao and we had dinner at Humphrey’s Wings at MetroWalk. I wish I could have spent the night with them a little longer but, I have to wake up early the next day.

And so the next day had finally come… Graphika Manila 2011. The event was held on the same place as last year, at SMX convention center. And boy can you believe how many delegates we were… 3000 people! Yes, you read that right, 3000 not 300, can you imagine it?

There were 6 speakers, mixed with foreign and local artists. So we’ve heard from 27+20 -a design agency with very creative ideas. I just love how they come about with their documentary and music video; Dan Matutina -an Illustrator who really inspired me with the way he worked. Landry -design and animation studio in California. Mike Friolo -he designs Manny Pacquiao’s garments and other more big clients. Seph Mayol -designer/developer based in Cebu. I like the thought that he is promoting local designers from Visayas and Mindanao. And I love his motion graphics that he’s planning to use as a window display. Lastly, from Weta Digital -the company who’s responsible for the movie Avatar.

Those speakers were just amazing and inspiring. You would truly appreciate your talent as a graphic designer or in this kind of field. Although, it was not easy, but it gives you a stepping stone to aim high.

Anyway, here’s my favorite part… the goodie bag, hahaha. Oh, they also had a school partner during the event, the CIIT. Now, I’m really thinking of getting a design degree.

I can’t wait again for next year’s event. I’m sure it gets better and better. Although, I hope next time, I’ll meet new friends, hehe. It would be just nice to know people with the same interests.

Anyhooo… how about you? How was your weekend? I would love to hear about it… =)


6 thoughts on “Graphika Manila 2011”

  1. Hello, April!!

    I’m back from my trip! Too bad I wasn’t able to meet with you when you were here in Manila. 🙁 When are you coming back here? Hope to finally meet you soon, it’s already a very long-overdue meeting. hehehehe Your site is looking great! Keep it up!

    1. Hi Ray… thanks for dropping by… yeah as in ang dami! I asked Seph Mayol about the Cebu graphic con, do you know about that? Davao will also have rin daw, are you part of it? Let me know ha… hehe

  2. I actually invited him to fly to Davao for the Graphicon hehehe he said why don’t we make it a leg para meron rin daw Cebu 🙂 cool diba? We’re ironing-out for GraphiCon Davao 🙂 sama ka sa meeting namin next time para brainstorm tayo. Cebu has “Visuals” then GraphiCon sa atin dito sa davao.

    1. Ohhhh nice! I got excited nga when he mentioned about it through twitter, hehe. Count me in… would love to be listen to artists… hihi bukas na ba yun? hahaha

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