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We had a project for a couple named Louie and Marivic, and their theme was nautical. Instead of using anchor as element, I focus more with the paddle and buoy for a change. We did all their wedding favors like custom wine stickers; small desk calendars and other papergoods.

One of the paper goods we designed was their custom prosperity envelope. It’s around 3.5×2.5-inch, printed on a #120gsm glossy paper.

Another one is their wish card. Instead of a guestbook where the guests can write their messages, the couple opted for a 3×4-inch wish card, printed on a #246gsm matte paper.

The couple had two wedding favors. The guests got a small desk calendar inside a custom box. Its around 4×4-inch, printed in a #240gsm gloss, spring-bind with hard based. Since it’s already half of the year, we adjusted it based on the month of their wedding.

The ninongs and ninangs {principal sponsors} got red or white wines. We changed the label with their custom stickers and embellished it with red ribbon, wire and beads.

It’s really nice when couples are open to the idea of having their details made into one design. Although this one was not a complete wedding branding yet, however it was good enough to see some uniformity in their wedding favors and few of their paper goods.


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