Instagram Sunday #34

Instagram Sunday

Another late post of instagram sunday. Seriously, I have to keep up with blogging.

{1} My family had an unusual family day on a Tuesday. We ate at Tiny Kitchen for some dinner fix after a very boring and long seminar at the government office.

{2} I was invited for a photo shoot for a local magazine together with my sister from a another mother, Chiche. Then our very supportive girlfriends came to visit us and we had breakfast afterwards at Seda. From left to right: Chiche, Florence, Me, Sandy and Apple.

{3} My sister is my ever go to make-up artist. She did my make-up during the photo shoot. What will I do without you my dear kambal.

{4} I feel lucky to be part of the magazine feature together with Ayie Hernandez, a very sexy photographer here in Davao.

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy Kadayawan? I went out the whole weekend but apparently I don’t have photos. Next year, I swear, I’ll take photos of the floral float and the indak2. If you were able to took photos, please do share, I wanna see how the festival went.


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