Workshops from Life After Breakfast and Hey Kessy

Crafting + Workshop

I can’t imagine this day would come… and I don’t know what was I thinking that I forgot to blog about this, silly me! Anyway, this Sunday, August 25, 2013 were bringing workshops of Life After Breakfast and Hey Kessy to Davao. Yes! Here in Davao.

Unfortunately, I can’t be with you guys because I’ll be leaving out of the country on Sunday morning. Talking about timing. Anyway, I was supposed to have my own workshop too on Saturday but some of my materials are not complete yet so I might have to move mine next month.

But you have two workshops to choose from. Alessa will have her watercolor workshop in the morning and Mansy with Washi Jewelry in the afternoon. If you weren’t able to sign up, come and greet them in Yellow Hauz during that time.


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