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Since Multiply announced that they will closed down anytime soon, I got a little panic thinking where to put all my products now. I’ve considered few platforms like Storeenvy, Bigcartel and Myshopify. However, I have to weigh some factors like the use of peso currency, transaction fee and the yearly cost on my end. Believe it or not, I almost considered making an e-commerce platform for handmades.

Gladly, Dulce, one of my blogger friends here in Davao, suggested to use Checkout. Otherwise, I might go for my last option, haha. When I first saw it, I really like the simplicity of the website and it’s also user friendly. That I need because I have no background and patience for this kind of things.

I’m uploading the new stocks first before the old ones and seriously, it’s really tiring and tedious. Just imagine, I have 150 items from my old stocks plus the new ones. I’m not sure when will it end. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll finish very soon.

The shop is already live. Although, the mode of payment is only through paypal, but you can always email me deniseapril(at)gmail(dot)com if you prefer: BPI and GCASH.


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