Yellow Hauz: TWG Tea

Yellow Hauz

I have this craze over TWG tea since last January. I don’t know why but maybe because I just love how they brand their tea. Simple, elegant and old looking that simply says, classic.

But it was only last week when I had a chance to try it out. I tried the Moroccan Mint, which is based on Green tea, Earl Grey Chocolate Tea and the Geisha {fruity}. The chocolate was unique but I prefer the mint. Yes, I know I have a very simple taste bud, hehe.

The flavors we have for now is: Moroccan Mint {Green tea with mint}, Polo Club {Green tea with caramel}, Silver Moon {Green tea with berry and vanilla}, Alfonso Tea {Black tea with mango and flowers}.

I hope you’ll like it too… and if you want to try other flavors, do inform any of our barista so they can take note of that.


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