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I have this thing in customizing almost all of my office paper goods, specially receipts. Yup, OC is my middle name, lol. I used to be an Accounting graduate but I definitely hate numbers and computing. So I thought, a good looking receipts to compute at might change a whole lot of thing. Which is actually true for me.

This is what I made for my sales receipt in my shop. Everytime, I have a sale, I record them all here. This also serves as my inventory sheet. Dual purposes works for me, lol.

I’ll be putting this in my Etsy shop as printable for those who’s interested for custom design. I also made a downloadable payroll form in case you wanted to use a stationery looking receipts for your shop.


4 thoughts on “Sales Receipt Design”

  1. Ay ang totyal naman talaga! Hands down, this is the prettiest sales receipt I’ve seen so far! But you are right. It should reflect your personality and your business. Keep it up!

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