Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

I’ve decided to make columns in my blog to keep me motivated in posting. But as of now, I’ll be doing 2 columns only.

So every Sunday, I’ll be posting 4-photos from my instagram, therefore called it Instagram Sunday. Since I had my iphone, instagram has been a part of my daily routine. A friend laughed at me when he saw the icon in my dashboard, lol. If you have one, you can follow me {iam_artisan} there and would love to see your photos too.

Then every Wednesday, it’s Wednesday Book Club. Where I’ll be sharing books that I find interesting and helpful in some sort.

{1} I packed and sent some goodies from my shop.

{2} I ordered washi tapes abroad and they will be ready soon in the shop.

{3} I took a photo from my travel journal from our recent trip to Tokyo.

{4} Heintje and I ate at Lachi’s. While waiting for our food, I doodled from their paper placemat. Our food arrived so I didn’t finished the fork already.

I really hope, I can commit with my columns. But I will really try my best to keep up to date with it. I have yet to re-do my blog as I find it a bit cluttered. Oh when will I ever find time?

Anyway, wishing you a great Sunday… and you’ll enjoy my new columns. Let me know if you have other ideas for my columns and I’d be happy to think about it too. Have a productive week ahead.


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  1. Love your new “column”. And yes, you’re right. Having columns will keep you motivated plus will add variety to your posts. I’ve done something like that but in my schedule (but don’t ask me if i stick to it! lol!) – I have Marketing Monday, Tuesday Etsy, Wednesday Uploads, Thursday Tutorial & Artsy Friday. 🙂 OC din yata ang middle name ko ha e kaya nga missing link kita e! hahaha!!!!

    (i just got an iMessage from you while typing this!)

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