Handmade Bracelets

Artisan Jewelry

Recently, I’ve been addicted to accessories, specifically bracelets. So I made one myself using materials that I’m fond of: leather, metal charm and polymer clay.

Now I’ll be adding those in the shop. Do you see anything you like?


1 thought on “Handmade Bracelets”

  1. Pretties! You won’t believe me when I tell you that I’ve made polymer clay pendants with initials using my stamps for me and my daughter about 5 years ago??? I liked it and thought maybe I can make them as gifts and maybe sell some. But…I never got to market them since that time my friends did not appreciate it…yet. I guess I should be in your generation, LOL! Another “missing-link-trait” na naman natin ‘to, April! 🙂

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