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Most of my money is spent in either craft supplies or/and books {yup! or/and because either I have one or all of them}. I’m not sure if it has something to do with my childhood, because where we were still kids, my papa required us to read 1 chapter of a book everyday. I used to complain all time and never understood why we had to do it. Then as I grew older, I realized the benefit of reading and learned to love it. And I will always be grateful to my papa for that certain routine he implied on us.

And the obsession with books began but I couldn’t afford them. So when I started earning my own money, books had been a big part of my expense or rather an investment. I even thought of my future home library rather than my bedroom or kitchen {yes! I’m that obsessed!}

That’s why, I decided to make a Wednesday Book Club column so I can share the books I find very interesting and helpful. Of course, mostly related to crafts, design and art but I’ll also include those may not be inclined to my blog but I just have to share.

I’ll be sharing the Blogging for Bliss {Crafting Your Own Online Journal} by Tara Frey for our first Wednesday Book Club. I bought this a long time ago but my blog had already started back then. How I wish I knew about this before because it’s not only full of inspirations from bloggers but it can also help you with introduction to technical matters.

What I like about this book is… it’s a combination of guiding you to the blogging world plus hearing real bloggers’ stories. You’ll know how and why they started, where they get their inspirations, and more. Some of the featured bloggers’ were already familiar and it’s nice to read about their humble beginnings. Makes you feel that their real people.

Apart from the inspirations you’ll get, Tara Frey will also help you from building your blog name to taking great photos and beautify the design of your blog in a very simple way. No fancy talks nor complicated codes. So if you’re not familiar with this, then this book can simply sum it all for you.

Once you’ve finally set your blog, making it profitable is your next step which Tina Frey will also help you with.

The book is in paperback with colored pages, a lot of photos were included, so if you’re like me who’s visual then you won’t get tired of reading those texts because you’ll also see various blog banners and some of their works. That’s why I definitely enjoyed this book and for sure you’ll be be inspired to re-do yours.

On the downside however, this was published in 2009 so it’s already a bit out-dated. If you’re an expert in blogging and photography, this will serves as your refreshers course, not an advance learning for you.

In general, Blogging for Bliss will surely fuel you up in making your own blog or if you have one already, it will boost up your creativity and you’ll be motivated to blog some more. Ideas will overflow from various crafters and designers. It tackles everything you need to know about blogging.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Book Club: Blogging for Bliss”

  1. Waaah!!! April, you’re so a (bad) influence!! 😉 My amazon cart is has 6 books already and I can’t help to add this one, huhuhu! Seriously, do I really need this now??? But the pictures inside the book are oh so tempting!
    How can we be so alike?? Books – i love buying the printed ones. Never wanted to read e-book (unless I have Kelly Rae’s) and craft items, no further explanation needed. LOL!

  2. Hi April, we have the same interest, I’m also a book lover. Since childhood my past time was reading books, fairy tale books, and wen I also earned my own money, been obsessed in buying books every pay day, I actually allocate P500 every 15th and 30th just to buy books but the problem I was too busy with my work so I’ll just read a chapter or two.But now that I resigned in my day job and become a plain housewife, I got inspired with your post, that I would try to set a goal to finish a book at least a week and blog about it. Sounds ok right?

    I’ll follow your blog and hopefully you could follow mine too, I’m also a davao blogger member.

    1. hello Sarah. thank you for dropping by… glad to see some davao bloggers on my site. I think your plan is a good idea. Reading is such a good thing to do. Looking forward for the books you’ll share… =)

  3. Super helpful and inspiring book ^_^ It got me started on blogging but i mostly learned the ropes on my own…
    I love books too! Should drop by your blog more often…

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